Friday, June 12, 2009

bathroom rant

i have a little ish with about some ppls bathroom habits lately. well, the first one is when in a GIRLS bathroom there is pee all over the seat! what is that?? what in the heck were they doing in there for there to be pee all over the seat?! and if that DOES weirdly happen to you not have the decency to wipe it off?? do you think I want to? i dont think so. rude! ok, now the one that i really meant to write about before i went off on that little tangent...what is with ppl leaving the bathroom, pressing the paper towel thing for a paper towel...THEN washing their hands. that is not ok. its are the one that is creating the problem in the first place. if you got out of the bathroom, soaped and washed your hands...then with nice clean hands got your paper towel...we would all be happy. but noooo, you had to use your nasty bathroom hands and go touching the paper towel dispenser making it all germy for everyone else. what is with that?? perhaps its just the weirdos i work with who do this? dont know. does anyone else have any bathroom issues that they want to get off their chest?? feel free, we're all friends here :)

have a good weekend!!!!! xoxo

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