Tuesday, June 9, 2009


part of my job entails organizing the sale of a package that my boss created. i have been doing it once in a while over the past year and its usually not a big deal at all. but today it was a litttttle awkward! last week one of the people interested in buying the package was from outside of the US (which most of them are) and she said for security reasons they couldnt send a check in the mail but instead wanted to wire the money. well, i am clearly not the finance department so i had no idea how one would even go about that so i had to go all over the place trying to figure it out. fiiinally figured that out and gave them the instructions. then more time goes by and she writes me again and says, not good enough. they now need an invoice in order to be able to wire transfer the money. weeell...we dont have an invoice...BUT i remembered that the person who worked here before me once had to make one up for someone. she told me to just do the same if someone asked again. sooo here was my chance! i got it all gussied up and looking professional...well, how i imagine a real invoice might look! so i proudly sent it off last week and got the response today. here is what the woman said: "I am sorry, but we are still not able to pay. Our company does not accept the document you attached. The document you attached is not a real invoice." hahahahah OMG!!! HOW TOTALLY AWKWARD!! RIGHT?? hahah so embarrassing!! she saw RIGHT through my homemade invoice! aaaaawkwarrd! whoooooops!! but like, dude...what else can i do other than make one?! we dont have invoices! anyone got a good invoice template i can use?!?! haha!

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