Thursday, June 4, 2009

soy yogurt update!

here is my soy yogurt update: i went to whole foods the other night as i was out of my soy yogurt that i "love" so much. just as i was about to put the plain soy yog in my cart...i reconsidered (while having flashbacks of the gagging and force feeding and necessary added ingredients to make it tolerable) and grabbed the vanilla flavored instead. well i just tried it aaand.....ITS REALLY GOOD!! it tastes sort of like vanilla pudding...but still has that tangy taste of plain yogurt (that as weird as it is to admit..i really do like!!). i totally suggest if you are going to venture into the world of soy should def go for the vanilla flav...YUM!! sweet sweet victory over the soy yogurt world! haha!

PS its also thicker than either nonfat plain normal yogurt or plain soy much so that when i stuck my spoon in it, it just stood straight up! i was really impressed by this and thought it was cool, but my intern informed me it/i was weird...

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