Wednesday, June 10, 2009

heard on the bus

i was riding the bus today and two ladies were practically SCREAMING as they were having their morning chit chat. now, i dont blame them because if i had a friend to ride the bus with, i would def be chit chatting and i have def been known to be a thats fine. buuuut if you are going to scream, then you must remember that everyone around you is listening (even if they dont want to, because you are screaming, they are forced and probably dont like you)! anyway, these ladies were screaming about this and that, weekend plans, job stuff...pretty standard gossip. and then one complimented the others dress. heres how the convo went:

lady 1: i like your dress. very pretty!
lady 2: thanks! i got it at dress barn (note-never admit to buying something at dress barn--awful name and embarrassing to say...make something else up or omit store name!)
lady 1: oh wow! ive gotta get over there (probably thinking..ew, dress barn!?). i like that style of dress, it really works for me.
lady 2: yah, i know...i like how it hangs and is not tight.
lady 1: oh, well you are pretty slim! you dont have to worry! (sounds normal so far, right?? wait til the next one..)
lady 2: no no, ive got this big tire that im trying to work off.........

ummm...there are many things wrong with this sitch: #1. if you have a tire-like belly--DO NOT bring attention to it!! #2. if you have a big belly...dont call it a TIRE! haha! not ok! and #3. if you would like to both call attention to your big belly and call it a tire...then do so in private with your bffs...nooooot to the entire bus! soo awkward!!

anyway, i got a little chuckle out of it this am! dont forget to watch sytycd tonight!!

have a good one :) xoxo

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  1. haha i just got a chuckle from that too alone in my cube at my computer. the new girl next to me thinks i am loco. please lady, don't call it a tire. that's just unfortunate. and i am so there with you on dress barn. i would have said hmmmmm i cant remember where i bought this one.

    you and my roommate should join a fan club. she's obsessed :)