Tuesday, June 2, 2009

fricken mcdonalds

helllooo again...sorry ive been MIA, but the truth is, nothing really interesting has been happening lately! oh well, such is life. ANYWAY, fricken mcdonalds. so last night i was at my house and i had a sweet tooth like none other. i usually try to ignore things like that and i also dont keep sweets in the house, so i really dont have the option. buuuuut last night it was so nice out, i thought wouldnt it be so cute to have some frozen yogurt?! but then i realized that i dont know any froyo places near my house. then i thought...mcdonalds frozen yogurt! brilliant! sooooo i get myself together, drive to mcdonalds...gag a little upon entering bc the thought of fast food makes me want to eulp these days...but quickly remind myself im only there for the frozen yogurt. the experience was not a good one, let me tell you. not only were there far too many ppl there so late at night mowing down on some big macs...but the cash register guy was totally rude! i asked him for a cone and he looked at me weird...so naturally, i repeated. then he asked me for money, i gave it to him and he just looked at it. so i quickly recounted, saw it was correct, and just sort of tap it. then he takes the money and goes and gets the cone and hands me a drippy mess. yes yes, i know i can be a little picky..but PALEASE! a drippy nasty cone?? i dont think so! so i go, ew. its yucky. and he goes, WHAT? i go..the cone is gross..im gonna need a cup. he looks at me and goes...cone does NOT mean cone and cup. i go: YOU GAVE ME A DRIPPY NASTY CONE! oooook...so im at mcdonalds on the late-night fighting with the check-out guy about a messy cone...nooot one of my finer moments. anyway, he finally gave me the cone and i headed back home...all the while thinking, hmm..this doesnt really taste like frozen yogurt. but after all that, i convinced myself i was wrong...but actually only ate half bc i had my suspicians....weeeeeellll...my mom confirmed it this AM...they no longer serve froyo at mcdonalds..its full-on ice cream. aaaaaaaand im a fat girl! fricken mcdonalds..i KNEW there was a reason i stayed out of that place!

**update: omg i just read online that the mcdonalds ice cream cone only has 150 cals...maybe im not such a fat girl after all...


  1. i feel like i have many of these moments...umm and last night i got changed back into clothes from my jammies, lost my parking space & stood in a long line all so i could get yogurtland. and i had skinny cow ice cream sandwiches in my freezer but oh no those just would not do. i have been insanely snackyyyy the last few days!!!!

    and sidenote, i keep meaning to write back to your email but it's lost in cyberspace or something. i cant find it!!


  2. hahah! good to know im not alone in my issues!! haha ok..ill look for the email and resend :) xoxo