Thursday, June 4, 2009


when i think allergies, i think nerds who have inhalers and cant be outside in the springtime and wear taped glasses and all that jazz...i dont think: me. clearly i need to change my thinking. for the first time in my life...i think ive got some allergies goin on. its sick. im like a sneezin fool...which, at the time of the swine flu, no one likes!! im all sneezy and snarfelly and carrying on while surrounded by ppl on the metro or bus or at work and its just plain awkward. i swear ppl keep moving away from me and looking at me like i should stop...probably how i look at other ppl doing the same thing on public like, ew, wear a mask or a bag over your head dude..gross. haha AND NOW ITS ME!!! saaaad!

ew, allergies are sick. so if you are also suffering from itchy eyes and sneeziness---i feel your pain!!!


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