Saturday, June 27, 2009

fish tacos

ok ok, this might sound YUCK...but its totally trendy, totally delish, and totally EASY!!! so dont judge...just try it!! and if you dont want to make it...go to the cheesecake factory and try theirs! they are really yum!!

while i have decided to cut the meat, i am still eating fish! i think sometimes its a little boring, so i was looking for a way to jazz it last night i decided to try to make fish tacos for the first time!

Fish Tacos
serves 1

4 ounces of fish (i used tilapia...but you can use your fav fish! add another 3-4 ounces for each additional serving!)
2-3 small corn tortillas
1-2 cups cabbage (i used green)
salsa (i made my own, but you can use jarred too)
tofutti better than sour cream (ok ok you can also use normal sour cream)
olive oil
spices-chili powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, cumin
optional: cheese (i didnt use it, but you def can!)
optional: onions (i didnt use them bc they were in my salsa)
optional: jalapenos (again, didnt use them bc they were in my salsa)

1. do all your prep work first so that the fish is still hot when you are ready to put your tacos together! start off by making salsa (ill put up the recipe sometime!) or just open the jar! then chop the cabbage (shredded cabbage--chop super thin) and cut a lime slice or two. then put a little tofutti sour cream in a bowl (maybe 1-2 tbls) and mix in a little salsa, some chili powder, and a little cumin to give it some flavor. then put three little corn tortillas on your plate (if they arent too soft, you may want to mic them a little).
2. fry the fish! season the fish with some salt, pepper, garlic powder, and cumin. then put a little olive oil in the frying pan and set it to medium (+) heat. put the fish in (seasoned side down) and season the other side the same way. cook the fish a few mins on each side until the fish is fully cooked (this takes very little time--take it out when you can easily break it apart with your spatula)
3. put it all together! first slice the fish (it can really just be broken apart easily with the spatula). split the fish up between the three tortillas. add a few spoons of salsa, cabbage, then the sour cream mixture to each one. finally, squeeze a little lime over the top and serve!!

i served the tacos with the salsa i made and some chips! you can also eat it with black beans or rice or both!! ENJOY!!!


  1. do u have a scale to measure out everything? i really need to get a food scale i think! or maybe that would just make me even more neurotic...

    btw, can you come over and make these for me? thanks :)

  2. hey love! no, i dont have a scale...i think the same thing secretly though (i want one sort of, but think it will make me more neurotic too...). i measure things with normal measuring cups and spoons or just eyeball it! and with the fish...i asked the guy for 8 ounces and then i split it into two:)

    i want to visit you ASAP and when i do...these will def make an appearance :) xoxoxo